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Diversifying your marketing and social media content can boost your audience engagement and, in turn, increase your conversions. However, if you don’t have an in-house graphic design specialist or the budget to hire one, creating various content types can be challenging, time-consuming, and resource-draining. 

The good news is, you can use a myriad of content creation apps with user-friendly features and built-in templates to build unique, compelling visual content for your marketing and social media initiatives. The right set of tools helps you create professional-looking, stunning visual content easily even if you don’t have tons of design experience and skills. 

This guide covers the top five digital marketing tools to give your business an advantage. 

1. Videoleap by Lightricks

Videoleap by Lightricks is a powerful and fun-to-use video creation and editing app available on iOS and soon on Android. It lets you create and edit high-quality videos right from your mobile device, allowing you to combine your video clips, add artistic filters, sophisticated visual effects and text.  

The app offers a wide array of high-end video editing features that even movie-making professionals can leverage. 

This includes an intuitive timeline with zoom to allow frame by frame precision, chroma key or green screen compositing. You can cut or fit video clips to format and place your videos on a colored or blank canvas. 

Videoleap by Lightricks

As a casual user or beginner, you can enjoy Videoleap’s intuitive editing features, allowing you to easily combine and cut video clips. 

Give your social media and marketing videos a boost by instantly applying special effects, and creative cinematic compositions, such as transitions and custom layers with blending modes and masking. You can also choose from over 100 sound effects, add voiceovers and dubbing, apply equalizer presets, and adjust the audio volume.  

With Videoleap, you can easily build creative, high-quality videos that can take your content and social media marketing efforts to the next level.     

2. Pablo by Buffer

If you want a simple, no-nonsense tool to create social media content, then Pablo by Buffer is an excellent option. 

The tool lets you combine beautiful images with text, add your logo, and apply filters to create stunning social media visual posts. Once you open the app, you can start creating content instantly, from blog post teasers, inspirational quotes, testimonials, and Facebook preview images, to product images without signing in. 

Select a template (blank, quote, announcement, promotion, love, or outreach) and choose from over 600,000 royalty-free stock images or upload your photos. Use the app’s editing tools to select an image size, apply filters, add text and quotes, position your text, and share and download your created content when you’re done. 


Also, you can schedule your created images to post automatically on your social media channels through Buffer, streamlining your content creation and publishing process.     

Pablo offers simple and quick tools and techniques to easily create engaging social media content, even for less experienced visual content creators.

3. Visme

Publishing infographics is a great way to make your technical or comprehensive marketing content easier and more fun for audiences to digest visually. An excellent tool to use for this is Visme, an online visual content creation tool with a free infographic maker. 

Visme offers hundreds of pre-made templates, widgets, and charts to build infographics for your social media and marketing campaigns. 

After choosing a template, you can mix and match the ready-to-use content block from Visme’s asset library. Add your information and visual assets, such as your company logo. Customize your text’s fonts, choose theme colors, and include graphics, images, and other elements, such as diagrams, stats, and figures to visualize your content.  


When you’re done, you can download your infographic for presentations or share it online on your website and social media platforms.   

Visme allows you to transform dull data into engaging visualizations and help you share your stories visually. You can also organize your infographics, presentations, and other projects in data folders with role-based permissions to allow your marketing team quick and easy access. 

4. Awesome Screenshot

If you want to create quick product demos and how-to tutorials without turning them into full-blown videos, use Awesome Screenshot. Awesome Screenshot is an image annotation and screen capture tool you can use to record your screen and take screenshots for your marketing and social media content. 

Install the tool as a Google Chrome extension for easy access. To take a screenshot, click the Awesome Screenshot extension icon, and choose whether to capture the visible part, full page, or selected area of the web page or screen.  


You can record your screen, webcam, and audio to create, for example, a quick walk-through showing how participants can sign up for your online giveaway or contest. Add annotations and save the recorded clip to your local disk or the cloud for easy access and sharing.   

Use the editing tools to resize, crop, add shapes and annotations, highlight, draw, and perform other customizations to your screenshot. 

5. Imgflip

Memes are often relatable, fun, and easily shareable, making them some of the best content to help you engage and connect with your followers and support your social media marketing strategies. 

Use Imgflip, a free and popular online meme generator that lets you create entertaining and interesting memes on the fly. You can use existing images or meme templates or upload photos from your local drive and add your desired text to create your meme. 


Adjust the spacing, add transparent and new images, and draw on your meme. You can also customize the text font, enable drag and drop resizing, add effects (beta version), and use the original template image’s resolution. 

After creating your meme, you can download and save it to your local drive to share on your social media platforms and other marketing channels. If you create an Imgflip login, all your captioned memes get stored in your account.  

Start creating awesome content with easy-to-use tools

Most content creation apps offer distinct features and functionalities. Find tools that best support your content creation process, from your promotional videos and picture quotes to relatable memes. 

Start with the five user-friendly tools in this guide and test out which ones work best for your marketing and social media efforts. 

While creating content can take some time and effort, use tools that simplify and streamline your process so you can churn out content regularly and meet your social media and marketing targets more efficiently. 


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