There are so many things to love about shopping online, ranging from the convenience of never having to leave your home to be able to get free shipping for buying over a certain number of products. One of the best things about shopping online is the coupons and promo codes, which allow you to save money on the best deals.

Throughout this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best sites that you can use to get your hands on great shopping deals. Some of the best coupon code sites include Brad’s Deals, Hip2Save, SlickDeals, and Groupon. Let’s take a closer look at them.

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Brad’s Deals

Compared to other sites from which you can source your coupons, Brad’s Deals is meant to make it easier for you to find the right code and save. One of the best things about Brad’s Deals is that it gives you a little description of each discount and the deals that you browse, so you know more about the product you’ll order.

Another great thing about Brad’s Deals is that it features shopping guides that will allow you to find stores and savings that match your needs. Instead of having to browse through the shop to find your favorite offers, they’re all collected into a convenient location.


When it was originally developed, Hip2Save was a blog that helped other people find coupons that would allow them to save money. However, the site has developed into one of the top places to get coupon codes and promo codes since it was first released, and they even have exclusive discounts now.

If you want the most exclusive offers and coupons from Hip2Save, you can sign up to become an insider. Once you have your profile, you can start earning badges and being offered deals and discounts that are catered directly to your tastes. You won’t only be able to source online coupons from Hip2Save either.

The site offers many of the best coupons that can be printed out and used both online and in-store. The mobile app for Hip2Save gives you ways to source coupon codes while you’re on the move, and those coupons are filtered based on the stores and savings that you’re most likely interested in.


SlickDeals is a great choice of coupon code site for people who want to configure sitewide notifications that can show you the latest deals on your favorite products. You don’t even have to select a specific product that you want to save on if you’re looking to be notified, as you can filter by stores and product types.

For example, if you want to get a discount on a keyboard, you can get notified whenever coupons pop up for some of the top keyboards of 2021. If you find a specific coupon code or promo code that interests you, you can even post it on the site for the rest of the users to see.

This creates a community of people spreading deals and the best coupons to ensure that everyone benefits from wide-ranging discounts. This reliance on the community makes SlickDeals a preferable alternative to other sites, where coupons are often collected by the staff.


Our next coupon code source is Groupon, and this is known as the grandparent of other promo code sites. Unlike other sites, Groupon often focuses on coupons that you can benefit from as a group, so if you want to enjoy something together with your family, this is probably your best bet.

There’s a misconception about Groupon that it’s more focused on getting you savings and discounts on things like events or spa treatments, but they also partner with stores and allow you to order products. Most of the time, this works because stores are selling in bulk to other people taking advantage of Groupon.

If you want to shop at popular merchants, you can likely find some of your favorite products from retailers like Macy’s and you’ll end up saving significant amounts of money doing so. One of the issues with Groupon is that low demand for a particular product will reduce the likelihood of you finding a deal.


While Frugga’s site may not look that impressive when you first enter it, it still features many of today’s top deals and offers. Along with discount code repertoires, Frugal also has many free shipping offers for a wide range of stores. One thing’s for sure, the site is designed so that you can save.

A great thing about Frugaa is that you can get a discount from stores that you’re interested in and that are within your budget. Whether you’re looking for free shipping or for a simple code that can help you save, Frugaa is a great choice.


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