Microsoft Excel is a tool that you use on a regular basis when you are a business owner. The spreadsheet software can be used for anything from creating a timetable to tracking expenses and creating business reports. The tools available in Excel are so extensive that there are even programs designed to help professionals take their Excel mastery further.

Whether you are a business owner or a professional working for a startup, knowing your way around Microsoft Excel can really speed things up and enable you to do more. To help you get started, we have the best Excel tips and tricks for business use in this article.

Quick Transpose

If you still transpose your data manually, you are wasting a lot of time. Transposing data is a necessary thing to do at certain times. There is actually a very easy way to transpose data in Excel, and that is by copying and pasting the data.

Select the data range you want to transpose and hit copy or hit Ctrl+C. Choose an empty column, and then go to Edit > Paste Special to paste the data. Don’t hit OK just yet, because you now have the option to transpose the data by checking the box near the bottom.

Yes, it’s that simple. Gone are the days of going through the hassle of manually transposing data or using other methods to get it done.

Regional Date Formats

Today’s businesses deal with international customers all the time. When catering to customers from different regions, running into issues like different date and number formats while exchanging Excel documents is relatively common.

There is a simple fix to this issue too. You can change date format in Excel from the Format Cells window. You can even choose to change locale or location to use different date formats. Follow the complete tutorial on Excel Semi Pro to learn how to do this trick in a few clicks.

Adjust Your Shortcuts

This next one isn’t a tip you can use to modify data, but rather a way to make working in Excel more convenient. Shortcuts are great for accessing functions that you use often. Common shortcuts like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+P for copying and pasting help speed things up a lot.

While shortcuts are great, there are also times when it is simpler to just click on something to get things done. Excel also gives you the option to customize your toolbar. You can add a shortcut for copy and paste as well as other commands available in the software by hitting the downward arrow icon at the end of the left toolbar where you see shortcuts for undo and redo.


Last but not least, you can use the formula Concatenate to combine the contents of columns. This is handy for instances like when you need to combine first-, middle-, and last-name columns into one. Excel also has another function you can use to perform a similar task: the “&” sign.

A formula that says =A1&B1 will combine texts from both columns. You can also modify the formula to add a space between the two texts if you need to; the end formula is: =A1&” ”&B1.


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