Wondering how to create an online course website with WordPress and sell courses on it?

Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to create an online course site with WordPress as easily as possible. so you can focus on creating the best courses your audience needs.

First, let’s make things simple for you; There are 2 ways you can get your course online.
1. Creating your own online course site and publishing on it

2. Publishing your course on an online course platform like Udemy

Publishing your first course on a platform like Udemy might seem like a quick and easy way to take your course online to your audience.

But it’s not profitable in the long run as not only will they take a commission on your sales, but you will have no brand value as the platform is the one your audience will remember.

For example, the instructor will get as low as 37% of the total revenue of the sale if the course is published through Udemy’s promotion.

So if you’re planning to publish follow-up courses and create a brand for yourself, you should create your own online course website like Udemy instead of depending on it.

But you might think building your own website is complex and time-consuming, and to answer that, Yes, it was! But not anymore. There is a new product on the market which takes a new & different approach.

Imagine you can get the power & flexibility of WordPress, but also not spend days & hours setting it up manually by yourself.

MakeYourWP is one of the best platforms out there that lets you launch your WordPress site with just one click.

MakeYourWP makes the process of building your website easy and hassle-free. It lets you launch any type of site you want in a single click with pre-designed templates.

So, all you need to do is start uploading your course content, and you will be able to sell online courses from your own website.

They provide free maintenance and take care of your site by managing site’s security and backup.

So you can focus on creating your courses.

They also provide 24*7 support, so if you were to run into an issue, it could be resolved anytime.

In this article, we’ll see how to launch your online course site step by step using MakeYourWP and how it compares with other services.

Building your Online Course Site in 5 steps with MakeYourWP

  • Choose a plan that fits you.
  • Add your course/content to your site.
  • Edit the content of any page
  • Change it into Paid Course
  • Get your preferred domain

Step 1 – Choose a plan that fits you.

First, you need to select a plan that fits your need, just click here, and it’ll take you to this page.

Now select a plan based on your need.

You can consider premium and business plans if you’re planning to launch more than one website.

But for beginners, we recommend sticking with the basic plan, which covers all the needs.

So just choose the plan and make the purchase.

Once you’re done,

Enter a temporary URL you want for your site

Now, this will be ‘’ as it’s a temporary domain.

We will see how to get your own unique domain in the upcoming steps,

Next, select the ‘Online Course Website’ Template.

Then click, launch it.

Once you click ‘Launch,’ your website will be launched with all the necessary features.

Next, all we have to do is add our course to the site,

So let’s go to 2nd step, which is to add our content site.

Step – 2 Add your course/content to your site.

Now you can add your course in 3 easy steps.

2.1 Login to the WordPress admin area

To add your course content to the site, you need to log in to your site. To do that, go to your ‘MakeYourWP’ account and to the admin area.

Once you log in here,

You can access the WordPress dashboard, where you can add the course content.

So next, let’s see how to add your course.

2.2 Add your course content to the site.

Now to add our content,

First, we need to remove the demo content.

So to remove it, go to ‘Courses’ and select ‘All courses’

Select all the demo content using the ‘select all’ check box

Click on ‘Bulk Actions’ and move it to trash.

So we have now deleted the demo content.

Next, we can start adding the content,

So to add the course content to the site,

We need to

  1. Add details about the course
  2. Add topics to the course
  3. Add lessons to the topics
2.2.1 Add details about your course

Just go to courses and click ‘Add New,’

And you will get this page,

Now, here you need to enter the details about the course.

So first, give a name for your course,

And add a description along with an image

Once you’re done, click ‘Publish’

So we have completed adding details about our course.

And if you want, you can take a look at the site to see your new changes.

Next, you need to add the topics to your course.


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