If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make your site’s about us page more fun, engaging, and converting. Yes! Your website’s about us page can convert more visitors into subscribers or customers.

World Stream says that this “ordinary” page can increase the conversion rate by 13%.

Do we have your interest yet? Yes? Great! Here are five tips to make your site’s about us page more fun and converting.

1. Start By Addressing Your Audience’s Pains

There is always the temptation to make you’re about us page be well, about you. After all, it is a page about your company, right? However, it is human nature to look out for ourselves. People want to know what they stand to gain by doing business with your company.

So, start by addressing your audience’s pains and how you can help. This approach helps pique their curiosity. After, you can transition to talking about yourself and your company.

2. Tell a Story About Your Company

The about us page is an excellent opportunity to tell your company’s story engagingly. You can accomplish this by discussing your values, where you come from, how you started your business, and why your company is unique. This will build trust with your audience and help them get to know your brand’s human side.

3. Introduce Your Team and Break the Ice

Your team members are the face of your company, and they should be represented on your about us page. Make it easy for visitors to learn a bit about your team members. Including photos, bios, and a quick snapshot of each person’s role can help visitors relate to your team and your company.

An about us page like this firm’s page that introduces its employees gives viewers a glimpse into the heart of the firm. That’s important when you’re developing a professional relationship with your audience.

4. Let Your Customers Be Cheerleaders

No matter how much companies spend on marketing and brand promotion, customers play a significant role in converting your visitors into customers. Don’t take our word for it. An estimated 68% of online shoppers are likely to engage with a business that has positive reviews.

On your about us page, display all the positive feedback you have received from current clients. It gives your visitors a sense of assurance that you’re a reputable and reliable business.

5. Make it Engaging with Images and Videos

Making your website about us page engaging with images and videos is another way to make it fun. By incorporating photos and videos into your website, you can keep your visitors interested and entertained. Here are some tips for adding pictures and videos to your website:

  • Use images that represent who you are as a business. For instance, a photo of you speaking at a networking event or a picture of your team can help build your brand’s personality.
  • Videos are powerful because they can convey a lot of information quickly. Include videos about your company culture, your team, and your values.
  • Make use of infographics to present complex information in an easily-digestible format. For example, you can include an infographic displaying the number of completed projects, awards, and accreditations your business has received over the past few years.

Your site’s about us page is more than a bland collection of words. Instead, it is a page that should showcase your brand’s personality and engage your visitors. Make it engaging by using images and videos, referring to your customers, and telling your story with passion.

Implementing these tips according to your target audience’s needs can make your website’s about us page more fun and converting.


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