Living room is the life of a house. If you really want to amp up the interior of your house then living room is the place to start your creativity. According to the space and lighting of your house, you must find the right furniture and centerpieces. Next comes the wall decor.

Based on the layout and theme of your house, you must find the perfect craft, art and frames to go with the living room walls.

Media unit and the sofa with coffee table are the highlights of a living room. So, it is important that you add a modern, eye-catching design to the living room. While researching, I found ultra modern and attractive media unit and coffee table for you.

The Modern Media Unit ($789.00)

The Modern Media Unit by Povison is a 78” television stand that consists of an open storage along with four drawers. This television stand comes with soft-close slides that act as a buffer when you are trying to shut your drawer. While shutting the drawer, it doesn’t make any noise as well. Povison has crafted the stand with a walnut veneered MDF which unveils a natural pattern of veining that lasts for a really long time.

povison tv unit and coffee table

Along with the four drawers mentioned previously, the stand also comes with 2 shelves of open storage. You can keep your remote control in this space along with your vinyl records as well as the knick-knacks. If you open the door to your right, it will showcase a large compartment where you can store your screwdriver sets along with other necessary tools. The corners of the stand are slightly curved so that your kids running around the house will be spared any kind of injury.

Most importantly, since this stand is made pinewood, it ensures and eco-friendly atmosphere along with the durability expected of it. The entire set comes assembled so that you don’t have to exert any effort. The product weight is around 88 pounds. It comes in a more than one color including Black, Wood, and Black and White to name a few. The materials used for making it include pinewood, stainless steel, and hardware.

Tirso Rectangular Coffee Table ($759.00)

The Tirso Rectangular coffee table by Povison is a 51” wooden lowline table made of solid pinewood and is fully assembled for the customers. The drawers of this modern coffee table slide extremely smoothly and do not make any noise while closing. It constitutes a recessed-pull design that makes it appear innovative and modern. For anyone seeking a design that is functional, this is the masterpiece to possess. The table also constitutes a smooth and round silhouette that ensures its protection regardless of bumps and injuries.

This coffee table comprises 4 drawers that are also made of solid pinewood. Two of these drawers are found in the front whereas two of them can be found in the rear. The latter ensure that the daily necessities are kept in check but also out of sight at the same time. You can store all your favorite things as well as items of necessity in these drawers. This coffee table comes in more than one color. There is Wood, White, Wood and Black, and Black and Gray to name a few. In addition to that, the materials used for making this table are different for the different colors.

For example, the one with the Wood and Wood and Black color are made Walnut Lacquered Ash Veneered MDF Board. Similarly, the one with the White and the Black and Gray color are made of Oak Lacquered Ash Veneered MDF Board. Its dimensions include 51.18″L x 27.55″W x 13.77″H and the entire thing weighs close to 66 pounds. The design characterizing these tables are very simple and elegant and can fit to any kind of décor style.

Both the TV Unit and Coffee table by Povison will add an elegant charm to your living space.

Like any other piece of furniture, the coffee table too requires you to follow certain rules in order to keep it safe from damage. For starters, you might not want to place the coffee table to close to an external wall. This way it will stay protected from moisture. At the same time, don’t place it too close to the radiators, or else there will be increased chances of discoloration or scorching damage. Make sure that all kinds of sharp objects are kept away from the table. In fact, don’t let your pets hang around the table as well.

Since the table is made of solid pinewood, there are few extra precautions you might want to take to keep the table safe. Try to keep the table in a room where the temperature is always at an optimum level. When the temperature tends to fluctuate a lot, the natural wood of the table might expand or contract accordingly. Another thing that you should avoid doing is placing hot utensils directly from the stove or the microwave oven on the coffee table. If necessary, place a cloth on the table first and then the hot dish. When you are cleaning the table, don’t use something that you may use for ordinary dusting purposes. Instead, use a soft and clean cloth that doesn’t damage the texture of the table.

In case you don’t like either product, you can always send it back and get a total refund on the condition that the item is completely undamaged. You must also return it before 30 days expire. If your product is either defective or incorrect, contact Povison company immediately so that appropriate steps can be taken. Once request for returning the product has been accepted, customer service will pick up your product without charging anything.


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