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Dyson’s are a household name because despite varying reviews online, they tend to be the reliable option for at-home cleaning. Let’s break down what signs Dyson has for us, to let us know what features their vacuums have. It’s simpler than you might think, and you’ll be prepared when attending a Dyson vacuum sale. 

The Signs that Indicate you found a Neat Dyson:

Sign 1 = Animal: When a Dyson model is called an animal, they’re basically telling you that it’s a vacuum that won’t hurt your wallet. They cost less than $600 and have the fewest attachments to clean afterwards. You know, for the 9 to 5 hardworking men and women out there. 

Sign 2 = Absolute: If you think the word Absolute sounds exclusive, then you’d be right about that. It’s only $50 or more exclusive than animal models. However, it does include one to two extra attachments for nooks and crannies. 

Sign 3 = + : Plus is always better! This sign on a Dyson vacuum means that it has an extra clever feature attached. Take the V15 Detect versus the V15 Detect + as an example. The plus model includes a low-reach adjustment which allows it to flex right in the middle in order to reach under furniture…CLEVER!

Sign 4 = Outsize: This is a sign that it’s made for large homes to go along with it’s large price tag. However, because of the extra expense of $800 or more, you’re not left hanging. The Outsize models have more suction power, and larger bin to hold icky things, and they even give you an extra battery pack. 

Now, let’s apply them to real life Dyson models…

What is cool about Dyson models is there is an easy comparison tool on the package called air watts. Basically, air watts measure how many watts a vacuum consumes to move air through it. So, the bigger the air watts, the stronger suction capabilities it has. 

Should you go to a <a href=””>Dyson sale down the line</a>, consider Dyson’s latest cable-free model, the V15 Detect. The V15 Detect has an air watt rating of 230, whereas the previous V11 model has 185 air watts. Which means, the V15 Detect is stronger. 

It has to be! Its suction is so smart that it can instantly detect when it needs more suction for dirt, a strong comb to shred pesty hairs, and a laser sensor to light up dust and other hard to see icky stuff. Which is why it’s also highly expensive as it’s being released to the market as a beta test. 

Lastly, let’s consider the battery longevity. There are two battery levels linked to suction on Dyson V11, V15, and Outsize model Vacuums. There’s an Eco Mode, which is the lightest setting. 

As well as the Boost mode the higher setting. Should you use the higher setting to vacuum say, thick carpets, it could shorten a battery’s life. Remember, it can take four hours to recharge a battery pack. 

So many great features and so much uncertainty might seem like a tough pill to swallow. However, the customer service HQ of Dyson Australia is located in beautiful Sydney, Australia is there for any customer service questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you need assistance. 


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