More and more non-profit organizations are using the power of the website to grab people’s attention to support the organization. People can find more information about the organization through the official website and then decide to donate. Donorbox is trying to connect non-profit organizations and people for fast, easy, and effective fundraising program. One of the supports is by releasing WordPress donation plugin. Let’s talk a little bit about the software.

Users Friendly Plugin for WordPress Websites

The best part of using this software is that non-profit organization is able to plug Donorbox to their WordPress official website. As the result, people can directly donate by clicking the plugin if they are interesting with the programs. To plugin, the software is also easy to do in which non-profit organization just need to have a Donorbox account and it can be created fast and free.

Complete Features Designed for Donation Program

The features are complete and designed with a user-friendly system. By the time the non-profit organization has an account, they can set up the features based on their need. At the same time, people can also easily donate their money along with the most convenient way. They just need to choose the amount of money to donate, complete the personal information, and choose the way to pay the monthly donation. It’s fast and they can support the development of their favorite non-profit organization.

Secure and Flexible Donation Software for Organizations

WordPress donation plugin gives a lot of benefits not only for the organizations which use Donorbox but also for people who want to donate. By installing Donorbox on their official WordPress website, they just need to promote the website and wait for the donation. The protection system is sophisticated enough along with SSL/TLS, encrypted credit card information, and stripe payment processor. The organizations can use as many as forms they need to grab more donation. The donation forms can also easily embed by using shortcodes. The software is compatible for desktop, mobile phones, and tablets. The organizations can accept the donation from several payment platforms including Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many more.

Easy and Secure for People who want to Donate

As a person who wants to donate, Donorbox is also recommended software to use. You can start to donate anytime from your mobile phones, tablets, or PC. You may visit the official website of the organization and learn their programs first. Then, find the Donorbox plugin on the website and click it. You will be directed to the donation form and soon you are donating your money. Interestingly, the form is designed in several languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. You can also donate in any kind of currencies including USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, and many more. It’s really simple and fast.

Due to the facts above, Donorbox has been included on the best WordPress donate plugin. Furthermore, there are over 12.000 users used the software to support their organization to grow well along with easy donation system. In short, the organizations or the people who want to donate get the benefits from Donorbox. For those who want to find more information as well as start to use Donorbox, just visit


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