It is always a good thing to equip your home or office with a security camera. You don’t have to be worried about your property under threat ever again. However, it is possible that you don’t have a WiFi connection at your place or you may not want to connect your security camera to your WiFi because although, if your security camera is online then it can be hacked via the WiFi. 

So, if you are looking for a no WiFi security camera then you are at the right place. As always there are plenty of companies that provide security cameras without WiFi. And we end up being spoilt for choice. 

These security camera without WiFi are perfect for outdoor or indoor working. They can sustain harsh weather circumstances and work without internet. Some non WiFi cameras in this list are so compact that you can hide them in plain sight. So, here is a list of the 10 top-rated companies that offer security cameras without WiFi.

Best Security Camera Without WiFi

1. Defender – outdoor security cameras without WiFi

Defender security camera without WiFi is usually installed outside home and is very easy to use. The video resolution is very high thereby ensuring proper security for your home. This security camera without WiFi also comes with infrared technology that aids in night vision.

defender Security Camera Without WiFi

It is one of the best outdoor security cameras without WiFi. The camera is highly resistant to extreme forms of weather. It is made of durable aluminium and is therefore resistant to rusting. The alert type of this camera is both audio as well as motion. Defender security camera comes with an LCD display monitor of 7 inches.

2. Ehomful Wireless CCTV Camera

This security camera without WiFi is extremely small and compact, having a magnet built inside it as well as the feature of night vision. Given its size, it is very easy to hide it anywhere. This security camera without WiFi starts functioning anytime it detects motion.

Like the previous one, this one also comes with an infrared technology aiding in night vision. You can use it for surveillance at home or your office or even your car. Ehomful comes with a 32 GB memory card as well as 24/7 customer support offer. 

3. Elleety – best outdoor camera wireless

This security camera without WiFi is designed in the form of a plug and play format that is very user-friendly. It does not require the use of any complicated application or drive. The images recorded by this security camera without WiFi are extremely crystal clear.

It also has an added feature of night vision and is able to cover a wide area. It is often touted to be the smartest solution for any modern home. You can fit the camera anywhere and will not have to worry about your loved ones anymore.

Elleety Security Camera Without WiFi

4. LKSUMPT – no WiFi security camera

This is one of the best non wifi security cameras of this size. This security camera without WiFi has a dimension of only 0.98 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches making it easy to hide anywhere for surveillance purpose. There are 6 infrared LEDs in this security camera without WiFi enabling it to record even when there is no light. It is equipped with a motion detector and records only when it detects any movement.

Additionally, it comes with a function of loop recording. The battery of this camera is of high quality and is made of rechargeable lithium. It generally lasts for about 90 minutes. You can easily use this compact and concealed camera to keep an eye on your house help, kids or as a nanny cam without wifi.

5. Mingyy – home security without internet

Another great no wifi security camera, this security camera without WiFi may appear ordinary but it can do wonders when it comes to surveillance. By virtue of its appearance as a clothing hook, you can fix this recorder anywhere in your room. Those who get inside your room will never have a clue that they are being recorded.

mingyy Security Camera Without WiFi

This security camera without internet is equipped with a motion detector and it saves the recordings every 15 minutes. The after sales services of this camera company are an icing on the cake. Mingyy technicians will always be at your service.

6. Pelay – outdoor camera without wifi

This security camera without WiFi is another one that nobody will be able to detect very easily. When it records any movement, there won’t be any flash going on. It is the best option for those who want to monitor movements in their home or office without letting anybody know.

You can fix this security camera without WiFi on a photo frame and put it on your table or a shelf. Pelay employs a processing chip with a high-definition lens. The camera records automatically and saves the videos for you too. It is one of the best security cameras without wifi. 


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