Password managers are considered easy solutions to trouble remembering all passwords for your online service – which one you use for fun, which you need to work, and which you need for critical services such as finance and health care.

There are many best password managers who are packed with strong and user-friendly features to ensure that your most sensitive data is protected at any time.

For example, Passwarden’s password manager by Keepfolid. Password is here to remember everything for you and maintain the security of your data from any third party.

This password generator is arguably the best because creating a strong online password and it is impossible to cause security threats.

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Do I really need a password manager?

Not really. But this is very useful when you realize that you have forgotten your job e-mail password five times and that turning it in will give you another password that you will finally forget too. Indeed, sometimes passwords are easily forgotten, especially when we have different ones on each device, email, online bank accounts, social media sites, and so on.

Meanwhile, if we write it down, it is the same as opening the possibility of vital information falling into the wrong hand (and misused). Using Secure Password Manager will save a little headache and access all accounts from any device.

How secure is the password manager?

I have tested the password managers I have explained above in this list and find them safe to download and use, but the same thing cannot be said for all password managers out there. By using the wrong password manager, there is always a risk that your password can be compromised, and your confidential data is exposed.

You can face fatal consequences if hackers penetrate your password manager application. After gaining access to all your login information, it’s easy for the evil party to access your personal account or even do identity theft.

This is not a problem with the password manager that I recommend. Strong security with user-friendly design makes it easy to keep your online account safe from evil cyber threats.

What should be searched in managing passwords?

My methodology includes vital testing 3 parts to ensure your password manager application will not make new problems.

1. Security and transparency

The safest password manager is to appreciate transparency. Your password manager must provide information as it is, and it is clear about how it works and what information is gathered.

2. Ease of use

A great password manager is very well designed, you won’t even know they are there. Your password manager must be fully integrated with your browser and device to recharge your username and password as soon as you need it.

3. Compatibility

Finally, you need a password manager who offers extensions for your favorite browser. But ideally, you need a password manager that is compatible with all your devices – to keep you safe when using it for shopping, online banking, and more.


Using one of the ten best password managers is the easiest way to improve your online security. This password manager makes it easy to follow good password practices and avoid dangerous consequences of security violations.

But your online security will not be finished until the password manager only. A high-quality VPN will secure your online activities at any time and protect your privacy from prying eyes.


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