YouTube Analytics comes in when you’ve started to use YouTube for uploading and sharing your videos. You begin to think about who the people are watching your video and how they increase views and higher engagement.

When you create a dazzling YouTube account, the first step is to know your viewers’ demographics and how they interact with your content. If you’re lucky, YouTube Analytics will come to your rescue and reveal the details about your viewers and what they like, and what type of content you can create to be successful. Here are some brief overviews about YouTube Analytics to help you get the most value from this tool. How do you get started with this tool, the information it offers, and any information that might be available from your data that you can utilize to enhance your results?

Begin by signing into your Google account and navigating to your YouTube channel’s page. Then, on the right side of your page, click views to direct you to the analytics of your YouTube channel.

YouTube Analytics


If you follow the instructions that you have read, you are now looking through the Analytics Overview of your channels. Using the default settings will show you information for the last 28 days if you’re using the default settings. In other words, you can alter that to any length of time you’d like to get statistics from. The information you’re going to get from this page can be beneficial for those who want a comprehensive report of how your channel is performing. If you’re looking for a small snapshot of the channel’s performance, you’ll find that Overview is the spot to look.

It’s important to note that YouTube Analytics is also dependent upon Pacific Standard Time, updated daily, and could be delayed by 72 hours. If you’re looking to understand how to best use YouTube Analytics and its features, you may require a look at every detailed report.

Watch Time Reports

Here, you can get the vital analytics available on YouTube, and it reveals how your videos and the quality of them keep your viewers interested. Watch Time Reports dispense insight into the effectiveness of your YouTube channel, and they can also be used to gain a deeper understanding of the performance of specific videos.

  • Views are the most fundamental indicator of the quality of your video because it tells you how many times your video has been seen. However, they do not consider users who can click your content and then quit immediately since views are taken to mean regardless of how long the viewer has watched your video.
  • Watch time provides an exact breakdown of the state of your content; YouTube sums up the number of times viewers have watched your videos. It also determines the approximate time your viewers have viewed your video and reveals how much time your channel has watched your content.
  • Audience Retention reveals how effectively your video is retaining your viewers. You’ll be able to assess how many viewers view every video and which elements cause them to abandon your content. The data can be broken down to show the total audience retention and your percentage of audience retention, showing how your video is compared with other YouTube videos with similar lengths. This will allow you to decide which video’s length best suits your needs.
  • Demographics gives you a thorough overview of the people watching your video to improve your marketing. YouTube also gives you an insight into the demographics of your viewers based on gender, age, gender, and geographical location so that you can alter your message according to the data.
  • Playback locations display any websites or pages where your video is being watched on. This is one of the best features of YouTube when you make enjoyable and engaging videos. Your videos can be shared in various ways, such as embedding them on their website or blog. The Playback reports on locations separate views that are not on your YouTube page, applications, or any other website the video is embedded to. However, it also gives you estimated time-to-view and the average duration of views divided according to region.
  • Traffic sources give information about how people come across your video. There are various kinds of traffic sources. These include YouTube Search, YouTube suggested videos accessible through YouTube through clicking thumbnails, YouTube channel page, and YouTube playlist. You’ll be able to check how search-friendly your video is as you determine which referral channel is providing you with the highest traffic.
  • The devices will tell you if the viewers watch your film regardless of their computer or mobile phone—tablet or Game console. Therefore, you can refer to devices to make short or long-length videos better when viewed on each device.

Engagement Reports

Views are only one part of developing a flourishing YouTube channel. When you begin to improve your content to post on YouTube and grow your following, you may wish to determine your videos’ type of engagement.

  • Subscribers show how many subscribers you’ve added and lost, as well as your total number of subscribers. They’re the people who are engaging, watching, and potentially influencing others to view your videos. Be sure to monitor your subscribers regularly or at a set time to determine the extent to which you’re succeeding. Make videos that will draw people back to want more, or you can buy subscribers on YouTube simultaneously for more engagement.
  • Likes and Dislikes reduce the number of people who liked and disliked your film. It is important to note that you shouldn’t concentrate on achieving your goals but instead strive to engage and motivate your viewers, as they are crucial to your success.
  • Comments give you the number of comments your video has received. Comments are an excellent method of determining your viewers’ opinion of the video; in addition, you can interact with them by answering their questions and responding to comments.
  • Sharing highlights, the frequency with which your video has been shared, as well as which locations your videos have been shared with.
  • Annotations provide information about the effectiveness of your annotations in your videos, as well as their click-through and closing rate. They will provide you with helpful information on how effective are the call-to-action features in your videos.

The most important test of success is people who pay attention to your video’s content and brand and the message that you put into your videos. They show their love by your likes, shares, and comments on your video. YouTube Analytics will help you decide what kind of video you should concentrate on and make changes. DIYs, how-top’s, humorous videos, and inspirational ones could potentially draw more attention. Find out which types of videos your viewers are watching and create content they will love.


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